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Jellico Welcomes New Business in Summer Heat

With over 1,000 members in the Facebook group ‘Rae’s Snoball Shack’ – Jellico native, Raeanne Barton, has finally announced the long-awaited Grand Opening for her sno-cone stand.

The Grand Opening of Rae’s Snoball Shack will be Saturday, July 4 from 12 to 8:30p.m. Snow-cone lovers can satisfy their sweet tooth by visiting the stand just in front of Alvin’s Furniture Store in Jellico that day. Prices will range from $1.50 to $4.00 per size.

The first 20 customers will receive a free pack of sparklers with the purchase of a snow cone. There will also be patriotic photo props set up for the Jellico community to take lots of pictures and have some fun on the 4th!

Barton expressed her excitement for the grand opening by saying, “I absolutely love my community and all of the people in it. I thought that this would be a good way for me to connect, serve, and give everyone the opportunity to buy a delicious shaved ice,” She added, “After a lot of thinking and praying, I decided I wanted to make this business happen and I hope the community enjoys the availability of me being right here in Jellico too. They, as many other people have been so encouraging and supportive.”

Director Of Schools Fields Issues Statement On Reopening Plans For County Schools

With Governor Bill Lee’s latest executive order extending the state of emergency many citizens have been wondering how said order will affect the reopening of the Campbell County School System.

The Times reached out to Director of Campbell County Schools Jennifer Fields who said, “I don’t think it will affect it at all. We will have health and safety measures in place and try to keep things as close to the new normal as possible. I will be releasing our reopening plan after our final planning meeting on July 7.

Our students need the social and emotional safeguards provided in a school setting. Students who are served through IDEA need the learning assistance and intervention provided through those services and that cannot not be adequately provided if they are not in school.

In the event the governor does call for another closure, we will be prepared to provide instruction to our students through online instruction by making each parking lot at each school location an internet hotspot for parents and students to visit and if they do not have adequate internet access. The CARES Act funding, once it has been released, will be used to fund that service.”

Dust Of Hope Food Drive Feeds Multiple Families Across Campbell And Anderson Counties

Much like the Wine Fairies grew out of the COVID 19 pandemic the Dust of Hope Mission Grew out of the Wine Fairies. Shortly after the original group started the founders of the Wine Fairies saw that they could serve a greater purpose.

This recently led to a friendly competition between the group members that lived in Campbell County and the ones that lived in neighboring Anderson County. They decided they would have a food drive to feed folks in need.

Feed them they did as boxes began popping up at local businesses throughout the two counties. Over 4,000 items were donated to feed those in need. To date the Dust of Hope Mission has fed over 40 families in Anderson, Campbell, and even Knox Counties.

Group founder Kim Derry Leonard was pleased with her team’s efforts and has stated they are not stopping here. She said, ” I won’t stop. God has opened these doors. I will follow.”

The group has more community outreach events planned including a supply drive for babies that is currently ongoing.

Grabow Arrested Again As Narcotics Unit Executes Additional Search Warrants

Kevin Grabow

On June 23, 2020, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office executed a second narcotics search warrant at the residence of Kevin Alan Grabow, DOB 06/18/1985, located at 274 Clear Lake Drive in Jacksboro. The investigation into narcotic activity at this residence has been ongoing for six months following citizen complaints and repeated calls for overdosing individuals. This is the second search warrant executed at the same residence. The first narcotics search warrant was executed on 05/14/2020 after investigations revealed the sale of schedule I controlled substance, believed to be heroin. Investigators purchased additional Schedule I controlled substance, believed to be heroin, after the execution of the first search warrant during an undercover buy. Upon executing the second search warrant, an altered firearm was seized along with an undisclosed amount currency believed to be obtained by the illegal sale of controlled substances and additional Schedule I controlled substances. Testing of the controlled substance will be performed by state labs to confirm the substance believed to be heroin. Further charges are expected at the conclusion of the investigation.

Kevin Grabow was arrested on June 23, 2020 for charges related to the altered weapon. Mr. Grabow is a convicted felon and prohibited to own a firearm. Mr. Grabow was booked into the Campbell County Jail on charges of possession of a prohibited weapon, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a Schedule I controlled substance.

On June 24, 2020, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office executed an additional search warrant into the sale of controlled substances at the residence of James K Alan “Bucky” McCulley, DOB 01/30/1970, and Aurielle Marie Longmire, DOB 05/08/1982, at 183 Easter Lane in Lafollette. Narcotics investigators initiated the investigation approximately 2 months ago with undercover purchases of Schedule II controlled substances, believed to be methamphetamine, and Schedule III controlled substances, believed to be suboxone, being purchased at the residence. During the execution of the search warrant, Schedule I controlled substances, believed to be heroin, and Schedule VI controlled substances, believed to be marijuana, were recovered, as well as drug paraphernalia.

Two Suspects in Park Smash and Grabs Caught by Jacksboro Police Department.

A local man, 27 year old Craig Mitchell Feazell, of Jacksboro, and 33 year old Anica Marie Santiago, of Lexington, KY were apprehended yesterday afternoon after Jacksboro police chased their gray SUV from the Walmart area to Towe String road and Mt Paran after the woman attempted to cash a stolen check at Home Federal Bank. The chase ended when the car drove into a field. JPD Chief Jeremy Goins managed to block the suspect vehicle with his cruiser, which the driver backed into trying to flee. The cruiser sustained damage but no one was injured.

Santiago had allegedly passed a stolen check a week before at the same location and also made a sizable withdrawal. JPD Detective Cody Chapman had asked the bank to call if the woman returned with another check. She did and that’s when JPD responded, catching up with the pair at the Walmart area.

The pair are suspected, along with possibly others, in similar robberies in parks around the state. The pair face a variety of charges involving theft, forgery, reckless driving, felony evading and will also possibly face charges from other jurisdictions, including Cumberland Gap National Park.