According to a statement on Facebook from JHS Alumni Association President Vijay Murray Morton, “It is with great regret that the 2020 JHS Alumni Homecoming Reunion in October will have to be cancelled this year. Due to all that’s going on with Covid-19, our committee decided it was to everyone’s best interest to cancel. We are unable to use the school this year, and a location would be hard to find, food preparation would be difficult, and frankly we don’t think there would be a lot of participation since a lot of attendees come from out of state.

We would still like to ask for donations as we will still be giving our scholarship and working on our “JHS Alumni Memory Tree” and a few other projects where we help some organizations. You can send your donations to Pam Weaver, 971 Hill St., Jellico. TN 37762.

Please help me spread the word to those who don’t have Facebook and send me a response back if you get this and also let me know who you have contacted. I will send some emails to some that don’t have Facebook.

Hopefully we can resume next year and let’s pray for this mess to be over and for everyone’s safety. God bless you all, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.”