County Mayor: E.L. Morton (incumbent), Aaron Evans, Mike Freeman, Jack Lynch, Brian Yonce, David G. Young.

Sheriff: Robbie Goins (incumbent), Jimmy Jeffries.

Register of Deeds: Gary E. Berry, Greg Cross, Brittany Miller Foust, Pete Huckaby, Beverly Stanfield Hall, Thomas Hatmaker, Ron McClellan, Patrick Silcox, June Turner and Johnny Vanover

Trustee: Monty Bullock (incombent), Tommy Overton

County Court Clerk: Ailene Baird (incumbent), Todd Nance

Circuit Court Clerk: Bobby Vann (incumbent)

County Commission:

1st District: Whit Goins (incumbent), Robert Higginbotham (incumbent), David Adkins, Harley Hill, Zachary Marlow, and John Ridenour

2nd District: Clifford Kohlmeyer (incumbent), Lonnie Weldon(incumbent), Otis Hatfield, Jay Muncey, Lisa Stanfield Lester, Scott Kitts

3rd District: Rusty Orick (incumbent), Scott Stanfield (incumbent), Dewayne Baird, T. Don Boshears, Stan Foust, Lynn Letner, Josh Parks, Danny Sheckles

4th District: Johnny Bruce (incumbent), Sue Nance (incumbent), Charles Baird (incumbent), Josh Parker

5th District: Forster Baird (incumbent), Ralph Davis (incumbent), Carl Douglas (incumbent), Robert H. Hicks, Tyler King, Steve Rutherford, Ronnie Thomas

School Board:

1st District: Wallace Goins (incumbent), Jeffrey Miller, John Minor, Marvin T. Rutherford

2nd District: Sharon Ridenour (incumbent), Josh James, Mark Honaker

3rd District: Faye Heatherly (incumbent), Travis Thompson

4th District: Clint Bane(incumbent), Ronnie Lasley

5th District: Crystal Creekmore (incumbent), T. Lauren Wright