Last Saturday evening Deputy Courtney Charles of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to Suddeny on a domestic complaint. A complaint had come in to dispatch about an altercation. When Deputy Charles arrived she was met by 18 year old Kyle Wayne Heinz.

When Deputy Charles inquired about the situation Heinz stated that he had been arguing with his grandmother over cigarettes. Heinz stated that he was mad that they did not have enough money to buy name brand cigarettes. He went on to state that his grandmother attempted to leave and that he stepped in her way and would not let her leave. He went on to state that he grabbed her and threw her in the floor. When asked if the victim was still in the home Heinz told Deputy Charles that she had left on foot.

She was located by Corporal Bostic, also of the Sheriff’s Department. The victim told Corporal Bostic a similar tale as to what Heinz had already stated. The victim told Corporal Bostic that she did not want to be examined by EMS.

Heinz was placed into custody and transported to the Campbell County Jail. He is charged with False Imprisonment and Domestic Assault.