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Body Found On Exit 141, What We Know So Far

Yesterday afternoon it was reported that a possible body had been located near El Rey Mexican Restaurant in Caryville. A multi agency effort including Caryville Police Department, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deprtment and the Campbell County Rescue Squad.

Search dogs located the body near a ravine in a wooded area just outside of Caryville city limits. The body was transported to Knox County for examination.

Though as of this writing the body had yet to be identified it is believed to be a Knox County man reported missing a few days back. An abandoned car at the Shell station is believed to belong to the unidentified body.

More details as they become available.

THP Internal Investigation Clears Trooper Involved In Civil Suit

State Trooper Isaiah Lloyd is returning to active duty. He had been placed on desk duty following a civil lawsuit being filed against him for an incident that saw him stop a Campbell County woman twice in the same day.
Patricia Wilson filed a suit in civil court that alleged that Trooper Lloyd had groped her following a traffic stop involving a seat belt violation and then pulling her over again over a window tint violation a few hours later.

According to a statement from the Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper LLoyd has been cleared of any wrong doing by the agency. The statement points out that it appeared Lloyd was searching Wilson for contraband rather than doing a weapons pat down. The statement goes on to say his techniques will be addressed as an internal matter.

The civil suit is still ongoing. It states that Lloyd ordered Wilson out of the vehicle so he could search her, without legal cause. The suit also states that Wilson was humiliated but was also afraid to say anything to the trooper because he had the power to arrest her. Wilson is seeking $100,000 in damages.

More details on the suit as it progresses.

Special Online Foodie: Sweet Temptations

The Common Ground coffee shop on Central Avenue in downtown LaFollette already has excellent coffees and hot chocolate. Now they’ve stepped up their game by adding Sweet Temptations Bakery items to their menu. Cupcakes, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, and even chocolate covered bacon are among the items you’ll find on the Sweet Temptations list of tasty treats.

The items are made fresh and stocked early in the morning for people who want something sweet with their morning coffee or with their lunch, later in the day. There is a large variety of cupcakes on the menu and they change daily. So you can stop in each day and get a look at what is being served that particular day. We stopped in recently and there were blackberry wine and strawberry wine cupcakes. Both were topped with fresh fruit and cream cheese icing. Fluffy and heavenly, these cupcakes were out of this world. A self-contained slice of cake for only $3.50. This item would be over 5 dollars in most restaurants and it serves as either a great standalone treat or to finish a meal with a proper dessert.

Being a lover of bacon, I had to try the chocolate covered bacon. It was what one would expect. A large piece of excellent bacon with a hint of smoky salty flavor and an overarching sweetness from the chocolate. It was as if I’d found the best of both worlds eating this item. I definitely recommend this to bacon or chocolate lovers.

Sweet Temptations is available for larger orders if you give advance notice. So don’t let a birthday, anniversary or any other kind of reception go by without checking them out. Your guests will certainly appreciate the sweet sensations that come from Sweet Temptations Bakery. The Common Ground keeps upping their game and is quickly becoming one of the best establishments in the area for either hanging out with coffee or grabbing a to go treat.

John nailed almost everything perfectly but because I need to earn my money as well I have to say a few things. I have actually been ordering from Sweet Temptations for years. If you have played fantasy football with me you might remember some amazing cupcakes from our drafts. Ok that applies to like ten people so let me break it down for the rest of you. I have always been a fan of the candy bar cupcakes that Sweet Temptations offered. The Twix bar is my favorite mass produced candy and it is followed closely by the Reese’ Peanut Butter Cup. Now imagine those as cupcakes, many other candy bars are also available. These delightful little desserts blow away the ones from the Knoxville cupcakeries. I would honestly order just the icing alone. Also at our recent stop at Common Ground I tried the blackberry wine style cupcake, it blew me away. I am anxiously awaiting the sample of the raspberry wine one as well.

I actually ordered half a dozen cupcakes for a special someone in my life for Valentine’s Day. The look on her face when I presented them to her was priceless. Folks you are doing yourself a disservice if you are not going to Common Ground for coffee and confections. Get out there and support these fine local businesses!

Details Emerge In LaFollette Shooting

On Tuesday evening a little before 7 a woman came into the LaFollette Police Department suffering from a gunshot wound to her forearm. Officers applied first aid and an ambulance was called transporting her to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

At that time the suspect began fleeingin his vehicle. The suspect was Kenneth Wayne Walden, 58 of LaFollette. The incident happened on Claiborne Road. The victim and Walden were in separate vehicles when the incident happened. LaFollette Officers and Deputies from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department began searching for Walden who was reported to be in a white GMC truck with a piece of plastic covering where the rear window should be.

At 9 in the evening Walden was taken into custody on Bethlehem Road. Walden is facing a variety of charges. His intake sheet says he is charged with attempted 1st degree murder, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment (3 counts), violation of order of protection, retaliation past action, aggravated assault by domestic violence (2 counts), stalking and vandalism.

LaFollette Police are still investigating the incident.

In a related note Walden was arrested in late January as well. That incident was for three counts of domestic violence.

Bartley In Custody After Latest Brush With Law

Last week we reported that Kenneth Bartley failed to appear in court following a criminal trespass incident at the Salvation Army in Knoxville. Judge Patricia Hall issued a capias/bench warrant for his failure to appear. Bartley wa in Nashville at the time and could not make it according to his attorney Gregory P. Issacs.

Bartley is now in custody at the Knox County Detention Facility according to sources in Knox County. His bond is set at $1,500.