Sunday evening saw LaFollette Police Officer James Farmer dispatched to a disturbance on Cherry Street. Officer Farmer spoke to the victim who stated that her boyfriend, Donald Joe Ridenour 36 of LaFollette, had struck her in the face. The victim further stated that Ridenour had choked her son when he attempted to step in to prevent Ridenour from hurting her.

Officer Farmer noted in his report that the son had red marks on his face and neck area. Upon interviewing the son Officer Farmer states in the report that another juvenile victim was out in the road when the indcidents were alleged to be taking place. The report states that Ridenour then pulled a handgun and threated to kill the juvenile. At this point this juvenile charged Ridenour and knocked the gun from his hand.

Ridenour is then reported to have fled into the Cherry Street residence and came out with an axe. He swung the axe at the juvenile reportedly telling him that he was going to cut his head off. The juvenile stated that the axe barely missed him and that he punched Ridenour multiple times before fleeing.

Officer Farmer did retrieve and axe and a handgun, later determined to be a BB gun, at the scene. He placed Ridenour under arrest and transported him to the Campbell County Jail.

Ridenour is charged with Domestic Assault, Aggravated Assault, and Aggravated Assault by Domestic Violence.