JR Babb is no stranger to the county jail. He had been booked 32 previous times, last week he made it 33.

Deputy Tackett was called out to a disturbance on 139 Majors Lane in LaFollette. There he spoke to the victim who told the deputy of a man entering her property without her permission. This man claimed to the victim that he had tracked his cellphone to her house and was demanding it back. The victim went on to state that the man returned to his vehicle, retrieved a stick, and wanted to fight the victim. Both the victim and the wife of the victim reported that they had told the man to leave multiple times. At this point Deputy Tackett took the man, identified as JR Babb into custody. Before being placed in the patrol car Corporal Hopson searched Babb and found both an opened and an unopened suboxone on Babb. Babb claimed he was holding them for his girlfriend according to the report.

Babb was then transported to the county jail.