On Tuesday Deputy Anthony Mahar was dispatched to Shorewood Lane in Caryville on a domestic call. Upon arrival Deputy Mahar initiated conversation with 53 year old Tammy Snyder.

Deputy Mahar observed that Snyder had blood on her left arm and leg. He also observed that she was hiding her hand from him. She would not answer Deputy Mahar’s questioning of where the blood came from. The report also states that she had been drinking and had taken her pain medication.

Deputy Mahar then went on to question the victim, Matthew Snyder. The victim stated that Tammy Snyder was yelling and throwing things inside the house. The victim stated that when he got close to her and pointed his finger at her that she bit his right index finger. The victim further stated that this was where the blood came from.

Deputy Mahar placed Tammy Snyder into custody and transported her to the Campbell County Jail where she was charged with domestic assault.