On Sunday afternoon Deputy Zachary Daugherty was dispatched to Ivey Hollow Road on reports of a pair of women lying in the street. Upon arrival he made contact with Deputy Goodman and observed Sheila Dykes sitting on the roadway and another woman standing next to her. Dykes had bloody knees.

When Deputy Daugherty asked why she fell and bloodied her knees Dykes, according to the report, replied, “because I’m drunk.” Dykes then laughed and claimed she was just kidding. When Deputy Daugherty inquired about about how much alcohol she had consumed Dykes claimed that she didn’t have any alcohol. Her friend then reportedly said, “now don’t lie to him.” After being admonished by her friend Dykes stated that she had drank three Natural Lights.

Deputy Daugherty states in the report that he noticed a strong odor of alcohol on Dykes breath and that her speech was extremely slurred. He also noted that she was having difficulty balancing. He determined that she was both a danger to herself and a nuisance to the public and placed her under arrest.

She was taken to the Campbell County Jail and booked in on charges of public intoxication. This is Dykes 19th booking.