The Boy Scouts of Troop 310 hosted an important and solemn event on Saturday afternoon at Food City. They were there to honor veterans and retire old United States flags. They were not alone as many local first respondersnand local dignitaries joined them including fire fighters and police officers from multiple agencies, County Mayor E.L. Morton, LaFollette Mayor Mike Stanfield, State Representative Dennis Powers, Colonel Logan Hickman, and Rob Woodson. Old cloth flags were retired with honor and flags made of materials such as polyester and nylon were sent to be recycled into new flags. Little Caesars Pizza provide meals for all involved.

Eagle Scout Stewart Thacker led the event. First Class Scout Jacob White led the group in prayer. A many flags were retired during the event/

According to the United States Flag Code If the flag is unable to be repaired or is too tattered then the flag should be retired. The Veterans Department of Affairs suggests starting by folding the flag in a customary triangle manner. Then prepare a large enough fire space to sufficiently burn the flag completely. Next place the flag in the fire and while it burns, individuals at the ceremony should salute or recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Finally, end the ceremony with a moment of silence and bury the ashes once the flag is completely consumed.