In today’s climate, recruiting law enforcement officers can be difficult. In response, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a recruitment program that gives an opportunity for advancement through exemplary service in the corrections division. Once a corrections officer completes one year of service with no corrective disciplinary action they may be considered to be sent to the police academy to become a POST certified law enforcement officer through the Sheriff’s Office. This program provides incentives for advancement, incentives to perform their job duties satisfactorily, and ensures that potential officers are vetted with an expanded knowledge of Sheriff’s Office operations.

On January 24, 2021, Corrections Officer Joel Boyer became the second participant in this new advancement program as he left to attend Walter’s State Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy. Deputy Boyer has worked as a Corrections Officer with the Sheriff’s Office since September 2018. In addition, Corrections Officer Jacob Fox is also attending the same academy class. While Corrections Officer Fox is not a participant in the Sheriff’s Office advancement program, he has been sponsored by the Sheriff’s Office and will return to service at the Sheriff’s Office upon his graduation.

If you are interested in a career in law enforcement, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications in the Corrections Division. Starting pay is $13.40 per hour and benefits include multiple insurance options, TCRS retirement, paid sick leave, and paid annual leave. Applications may be picked up the Sheriff’s Office in person any day and time.