“Operation Spring Forward”
12 months long Undercover Narcotics Investigation
Campbell County Sheriff Robbie K. Goins announced this morning another move forward in the war on drugs. “Operation Spring Forward” is a 12 months long undercover narcotics investigation that has yielded 30 Grand Jury indictments for the arrest of individuals who have allegedly sold drugs in various parts of Campbell County. The arrest warrants were issued after a joint investigation by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney General’s Office 8th Judicial Drug Task Force. This morning, armed with arrest warrants, approximately 40 law enforcement officers from various assisting agencies are on the ground in search of these accused individuals throughout parts of Campbell County, to bring them to jail and justice. During this search officers are also armed with 20 additional warrants of individuals accused of various law violations that need to be brought to justice. Campbell County Sheriff Robbie K. Goins said, “As we continue to move forward in the fight against the scourge that prescription narcotics and other various illegal substances bring about in our region, we remain committed to fight every force against us and see that these folks who allegedly sell drugs in our community are moved from your neighborhood into our jail. A large percentage of these investigations have come to the forefront because of anonymous citizen complaints. We want you to know we appreciate and value your information and we encourage you to keep fighting with us. We simply couldn’t do it without your watchful eye and caring heart. Today we are honored to work with you and celebrate together, the success of your dedication and care. However, tomorrow brings new challenges and new faces to the drug war and we must start all over and continue the fight together. Drug dealers need to beware. We need your continued prayers and support. We also want the thank our many partners in law enforcement who wholeheartedly assisted us in this effort this morning. It takes all of us working together to make it happen.” Thank you to the DEA, Tennessee Highway Patrol, LaFollette Police Department, Jacksboro Police Department, Caryville Police Department and the Jellico Police Department for your assistance.