With all of the members of the Budget and Finance Committee, which happens to be the entire Campbell County Commission, in attendance Property Assessor Brandon Partin was on hand to address the county’s tax rate.

In the last meeting of the committee a motion was approved to send a tax rate of $2.25 to the actual commission meeting for a vote. This meeting saw Partin stand before the committee and explain how the reappraisals work.

He addressed several questions from commissioners. Rusty Orick, Ralph Davis, and Dewayne Baird all had questions to be answered.

Orick wanted to know how the reappraisal process and appeals worked. Partin explained in detail that the Property assessors office only did sport reappraisals, giving the example that if a carport is enclosed into the garage that obviously the appraisal would go up and the if they came by a house that suddenly had a gaping hole in a roof then obviously it would go down.

Davis wanted to know why the committee was just seeing the paperwork on this and wondered why Partin had not already presented it. Partin explained to him that the finance director knew of this and that he presented it as soon as the county’s appraisal appeals board was finished was when he did present it as required by law.

Baird asked also of the process and how the costs of homes sold impacted this. Partin explained to him how the process worked and that if you adjusted that way it would be in the year following the sale.

Scott Kitts made the motion that the rate be set at the $2.0659 rate that was recommended by the State Equalization Board. It passed 15-0.

The committee also struck down the previous motion that the rate be set at the $2.225 rate.

Mayor E.L. Morton then presented the committee with the state audit report and the meeting was adjourned.

The County Commission meets July 15th to put the rate to a vote.