Foster care.
This is something few people will consider during their lifetime, but for the ones that do, being a foster parent is a life changing experience.
Each year thousands of Tennessee children are removed from their homes because their parents either can’t or won’t take care of them. Often, the first thought is to place the child with a relative. But what happens when no one steps forward or the family says they can’t help the child?
That is where a foster parent steps in. By definition, a foster parent is someone who will provide a child with a place to live and grow. At Camelot being a foster parent is this and more. It is loving children when they feel the world has turned its back on them. It is understanding that children can only learn what they live and it is meeting children where they are developmentally, socially and psychologically.
To help families in becoming Camelot Foster Homes, the agency offers 38 hours of therapeutic based training that promotes an understanding of where the child came from and assists families in knowing how to meet their needs.
Camelot strives to make matches ensuring that children are placed with families who can appreciate their circumstances. By looking at the needs of each particular child referred by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) and comparing those needs with the strengths, experiences, and preferences of the foster families a home can be located. Information is then shared with the foster parent(s) about the prospective foster child. The final decision about placement rests with the foster parents.
Once a placement is made Camelot Foster Parents are provided in-home support that is tailored around the needs of the child and the home.
There is also daily reimbursement in order to help care for the child.
In order to become a licensed foster home, individuals must be:
• At least 25 years of age
• Be home owners or renters
• Financially stable
• Willing to complete background checks
• Have reliable transportation
Classes to become a licensed Camelot foster home begin March 2. For more information about fostering with Camelot call Nancy Bright at 423-912-0869.