Drug interdiction is an important job for any law enforcement agency. Recently Caryville officers have made two big arrests involving large quantities of illegal drugs.

Last week officer Adam Southern was dispatched to Caryville’s Rocky Top Shell on a fight call. When he arrived on scene he found a pair of men standing near their vehicle with a backpack. As Southern was frisking one suspect he noticed that the other had moved his hands off the hood and into the backpack. Southern ordered him to move his hands slowly back to the hood. When the suspect was slow to comply Southern drew his sidearm. As he was attempting to handcuff the suspect, identified as Emmanual Smith 27 years of age from Atlanta Georgia, the man tried to make a run for it. Southern took him to the ground and placed him into custody.

When Southern inquired about why the suspect was going for the back pack the report states that Smith told him it contained cocaine and molly, molly is the street name for methylene. Up on searching the back pack it contained not only the molly and cocaine but also ecstasy.

Smith was arrested on charges of possession of schedule I controlled substance for resale, possession of schedule II controlled substance for resale, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, felony possession of drug paraphernalia, and violation of drug free school zone. The violation of a drug free school zone is because the arrest took place within 1,000 feet of Cove Lake State Park.

Smith is scheduled to be in court this afternoon (June 29th).

A few days later and a short trip up the road Caryville officer Andy Davis was called to the Dollar General because a person was passed out in a car. When Davis approached the car and tapped on the window the woman woke up and started talking.

According to the report by officer Davis she spun a tale of how she did not know how long she had been there and had been waiting for hours on a person who was inside the Dollar General. Davis noticed that the woman’s speech was slurred. He asked her if she had been drinking alcohol or had been taking any manner of medicine that may have caused her condition.

The woman, identified as Shannon Lambdin 36 years of age of Duff, consented to taking a field sobriety test as well as a search of her car, cell, and purse. The report states that Lambdin’s performance in the sobriety test was poor. Upon searching her purse Davis found drugs. When he searched her phone he found several texts with a man identified as her husband about weighing out drugs for the purpose of selling them.

The report states that the purse contained digital scales, over 11 grams of meth and 11 suboxone strips that she did not have a prescription for.

She told Davis that she worked in the office at White Oak School and did not get paid through the summer so she was selling drugs to make money because she was not paid through the school system during this time period.

Lambdin is charged with possession of schedule II controlled substance (meth) for resale and felony possession of schedule III controlled substance for resale.

After checking with the school system it is confirmed that Lambdin has been terminated from her book keepr position at White Oak School and that she has allegedly stolen the book keeping computer from the school. This incident has a pending investigation.

Lambdin is free on a $75,000 bond.