A fight in Caryville last week led to a multi agency response. Deputy Darryl Chapman arrived at a Queener Road residence to find Caryville Police Chief Brian Keeton and Detective Sergeant James McCall interviewing a bleeding man and his wife. The man, Josh Anderson, stated that he and a man, known to Anderson as Gabriel Thomas, and a woman, Mary Ana Lay Thomas, had come to talk to him and his wife. Anderson said that Thomas went off and attacked him.

Anderson stated that Thomas threw him to the ground and hit him. Anderson stated that his bleeding knee was a result of him landing on glass. He went on to say that Thomas choked him and that he grabbed the glass and threatened to stab Thomas with it if he did not get off of him, Thomas released him and Anderson dropped the glass. This reportedly led to Thomas brandishing a knife at Anderson.

Chapman left the scene and traveled to Main Street in Jacksboro to speak with the other party. It turned out their last name was actually Castro rather than Thomas when Deputy Chapman identified them. The Castro’s told a similar story with no mention of the knife. A search of Castro also revealed no knife. Upon Castro granting Deputy Chapman permission to search his vehicle a knife matching the description was found in the console.

After interviewing all parties Deputy Chapman discovered that the Chapman’s had lived at the Queener Road address for three years. The Castro’s claimed to own the residence. Further investigation led Deputy Chapman to learn the property possibly had belonged to Anderson’s now deceased mother. Mrs. Castro gave a statement saying that she and her husband went to confront the Anderson’s about the alleged sale of illegal drugs at the residence.

Gabriel Castro was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.