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Reader welcomes new drama teacher

Dear Editor,
I would like to take this chance to welcome Billie Jo Ralston as the new theatre teacher at CCHS. With the new teacher and renovations to the theatre I’m excited for the kids at CCHS to get this opportunity. I do hope the business and community alike will show their support. It is hard to do any production and no teacher alone should have to bear that burden. They have a full time job and a family to do a theatrical good theatrical production on top of that is a monumental task. Most people who have only viewed a play don’t realize the amount of hours in rehearsing, and building a set. The young actors need a lot of guidance and help, more than can come during one class period a day. I do hope all the community will rally behind and give a helping hand, by either showing up for the show, or donating time to help re-build the theatre department from props, to costumes, to the set. Let’s support Billie Jo and let her grow the theatre department into something we can all be proud of. Theatre is one of my fondest memories of high school. I’m glad so many kids will have the chance at an experience like I had.
Joe Muse

‘I Hate Meth’ Land Deal Questioned

Dear Editor:

I moved here in 1991 so I do not know the ins and outs of local kinships and relations. It appears I see a local family connection and the new I Hate Meth movement. There seems to have been an award of a tax free status for the I Hate Meth association. There also seems to have been some land donated from the local family group to the I Hate Meth group. Also donations have been requested for improvement of this land upon which the land nor the improvements will be obligated to pay taxes. These donations will be used to substantially increase the value of the land by the use of donations. Also, some of the people related to the I Hate Meth group has police records for making and selling meth. Interesting local machinations: organize an association standing against something evil, get a tax free status, put some of your own land into this organization, request donations to improve the value of that land, and make a fortune from the donations and the land improvements. And people think us hillbilly’s are dumb.

Jerry Kidd
LaFollette, TN

Will You Help Fight The Meth Problem?

Dear Editor:
“I HATE METH!!” Though it has not effected me or my family…yet. A great Organization here in Campbell County named “I Hate Meth” and they held a “rally” for the community on January 28 at the Campbell County High School. Prepared for 200+ visitors yet room for 1000+ I would estimate total visitation in the 80’s.
“They must have been Elected Official’s” one might think but, not hardly. The only Elected Official present for more than 15 minutes was Mr. Dennis Powers. The county Mayor stopped for 5 to 10 minutes. Sherriff Goins was there for a short time to speak.
Present most all night though were Lt. Elkins, CCSD, the Fire Chief of the Pinecrest Fire Dept., a Charming gentleman (Wheelchair bound), a live band was set-up in the Gym and Sweet Baby Ray’s Karaoke was set up in the Cafeteria. There was food and drink from Pizza to Mack Daddy’s Bar-b-que. The founders of “I Hate Meth” were there all night, as was myself and my family.
It was good, clean wholesome fun and entertainment for an entire family. There were people that ranged in age from 3 months old to 65+.
So why write to a local paper about it all? Mostly due to my personal disappointment in the residents of Campbell County and our Elected Officials. I hear many many people and elected officials complaining about “METH”, it’s effect on families, economy, youth, environment and government budgets, and yet less than 80 people showed up to support this cause. At Charlie’s Pizzeria after the rally there were more people than there were at the rally and that to me is just plain Sad.
If the good people of Campbell County don’t want to get involved with helping to fix the local METH problem then stop complaining when a strung out Meth Monkey steals from you for money to buy it or materials to make it. Don’t waste anyone else’s time when your sons, daughters, grandchildren or neighbors get hooked on it, or get injured by the effects of it.
Now is the time, and here is the opportunity for the good citizens of Campbell County to get together and fight along each other against this common enemy. We need to put aside petty differences and complaints with each other and unite, if not against METH then perhaps unite so our Elected Officials make time to voice opinions on our behalf…after all, isn’t that part of the job description? . I vote for people that can not only manage my local government but also voice the opinion of “We the people” rather than friends, drinking buddies or people I owe favors too.
I hope that the “I Hate Meth” organization continues here in Campbell County. It is a noble cause with a good purpose and mission. I support them, my family supports them and I ask my fellow good citizens to support them.
Clean up our community we all cry…I am willing to help…are you?

Michael Zavasky
Jacksboro, TN