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Report Of Stolen Vehicle Leads To Drug Arrest

Last week Deputy Nathaniel Bostic was dispatched to Shawnee Drive to speak to a victim about a stolen vehicle. Deputy Bostic posted a Be On Look Oit (BOLO) for the vehicle and the individual believed to have taken it. When Bostic left the victim’s residence he spotted the vehicle in question traveling the opposite direction. He hit his lights and initiated a traffic stop.

When the vehicle pulled over he spoke with April Wade, who claimed that she actually had permission to be driving the car. When Deputy Bostic ran the information on Wade’s driver’s license he learned that license was suspend. Wade also informed Deputy Bostic that there may be some manner of drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. Deputy Bostic then deployed K-9 Deputy Santo who alerted to the driver’s side door.

When Deputy Bostic searched the vehicle he found a multitude of hypodermic needles. One of the needle contained a brown liquid. Upon finding the first needle Deputy Bostic informed Wade of her Miranda Rights. Wade waived her rights and admitted to Deputy Bostic that the brown liquid was methamphetamine. She also informed him that she was carrying a glass pipe that she used to smoke marijuana.

Deputy Bostic placed Wade under arrest and transported her to the Campbell County Jail. She is charged with Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance and Driving While Suspended.

County Commission Approves New School Board Member and Budget.

Isaac Jones addresses the commission.

The Campbell County Commission had an active evening Monday, July 16th as they approved the 2018-19 county budget via a unanimous vote, 14-0, with only Carl Douglas not voting on the budget because he hadn’t yet arrived at the meeting. The budget was completely free of any tax increases for the citizens of Campbell County for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Before the budget was brought to vote the commission took up the matter of an empty school board seat. 4th district commissioner Johnny Bruce nominated, on behalf of himself and the two other 4th district commissioners Sue Nance and Charles Baird, Jennifer Orick, to fill the seat vacated by her late husband, Michael Orick. The motion was unanimously seconded and the vote was 14-0 in favor of Jennifer Orick getting the seat. She will occupy the seat until November when the seat will be added to the ballot in the 4th district. The added race will be to elect a representative to complete the original term to which Orick had won election.

The commission voted in favor of an ordinance allowing volunteer firefighters and rescue squad workers to avoid wheel tax on one vehicle per volunteer. The volunteers must have one year of recorded volunteer service in order to be eligible for this wheel tax break. The vote was 14-0 and the ordinance will be carried over to the next meeting. If approved at the next meeting it will become standing law, as ordinances must be approved at two meetings.

The commission also voted to lease a parcel of property to the industrial development board who will lease it to BMT. The property is a small parcel that was needed by BMT in order for tractor trailers to better get into and out of the facility in the Mt Paran community. If BMT ever chooses to move or end the lease, the property reverts back to Campbell County.

Issac Jones appeared before the commission as a continuing part of his anti-bullying campaign. Young Jones is trying to raise funds to get t-shirts for every student in Campbell County with an anti-bullying message. Jones was given $500.00 by various commission members and County Mayor El Morton, and 2nd district commissioner Lonnie Weldon vowed to match funds raised by the other commission members. Jones received a hearty ovation after being commended by Commissioner Bruce for his hard work to better his school environment.

Outgoing 3rd district commissioner Clifford Jennings hadn’t used his discretionary fund from 4 years prior, so he decided to put it to good cause on his way off the commission. He used his monies from the now defunct program to give $1500.00 to the Disabled American Veterans fund, $500.00 to Meals on Wheels, and $500.00 to the Campbell County Cancer Association.

The commission voted to spend $600.00 on plaques bearing the image of Micheal Orick for each school in the county as part of Orick’s anti-bullying legacy. 5th district commissioner Ralph Davis said school board members assured him they would pay any additional cost above the $600.00 for the plaques.

Finally the commission voted to allow the Campbell County Animal Shelter to move fencing to create dog runs. The animal shelter plans to move the fence through in-house labor at no additional cost to the county.

Volunteer Times Election Poll Results

We must recognize with this or any poll there is nothing that will replace the voting public turnout as polls are not 100% accurate. This is also without question a very small sampling of the voting numbers that will cast a ballot this election with early voting and election day. We will not give all rankings with these results only the top recipients. Again, the Times encourages everyone to vote and understand that every seat is still anyone’s race. Thank you

Campbell County Mayor
Aaron Evans 42%

1st District County Commission-
Robert (Higgy) Higginbotham 26%
Keith W. Goins 17%
Whit Goins 17%

2nd District County Commission
Lisa Stanfield Lester 26%
Scott “Scotty” Kitts 19%
Cliff “Butch” Kohlmeyer 17%

3rd District County Commission
Dewayne Baird 24%
Lawrence (Rusty) Orick 21%
Josh Parks 12%

4th District County Commission
Josh Parker 37%
Johnny “Coach” Bruce 29%
Charles “Goat” Baird 19%

5th District County Commission
Tyler King 34%
Steve “Coach” Rutherford 18%
Ralph Davis 18%

Campbell County Trustee
Monty Bullock 82%

Campbell County Sheriff
Robbie K Goins 66%

Campbell County Circuit Court Clerk
Bobbie Vann 98%

Campbell County Clerk
Todd Nance 59%

Campbell County Register of Deeds
June Turner 26%

1st District School Board
John Minor 42%

2nd District School Board
Josh James 58%

3rd District School Board
Faye Heatherly 52%

4th District School Board
Ronnie Lasley 58%

5th District School Board
Crystal McNealy Creekmore 76%

1st District Constable
Kenneth Newsome 52%

2nd District Constable
Larry R. Ford 52%

3rd District Constable
Johnny E. Jones 100%

4th District Constable
Dewey W. Madison 81%

5th District Constable
Samual (S.L.) Tackett 57%

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