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The Hike: A Southern Made Horror Movie to be released In The Fourth Quarter Of 2020

From the Great Smoky Mountains comes a horror movie unlike any other this Halloween Season. And the movie is all about the mid-south, to boot: It is based on actual events that took place in the Great Smoky Mountains, it was shot in its entirety in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia, it stars a cast that resides in Tennessee, Arkansas and Virginia, and its main antagonist is based on a Smoky Mountain Cherokee legend. The crew that filmed, wrote and produced the movie is based in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and the music comes from artists based in a bevy of towns: Knoxville, Maryville, Ashville, Toledo, and Gatlinburg.

The main couple, the female lead from Mississippi and her boyfriend from Baltimore, both now live in East Tennessee. They decide to go on a 3 day hike near the Road to Nowhere in Bryson City, NC. From there, the likable couple finds evidence of possible criminal activity scattered throughout the woods, and before they realize that they themselves are in trouble, they are surrounded by a group of intimidating strangers whose motives remain unclear. This movie is best described as a genre-buster and has something for everyone: horror, mystery, comedy, romance, survival, thriller, Furries, pro wrestling, judo, an Elvis Impersonator, a Sacrifice, amazing natural beauty and the longest 4 person fight scene in cinematic history.

The movie is being picked up for a world wide release, and it is the first movie for Big N Funky Productions, which has previously focused on creating paranormal television and comedy skits. The lack of theatrical productions due to the covid pandemic was all the motivation the crew needed to get started on the movie that they had been sitting on for a year.

On October 16th, the movie will be part of “Halloween at Halls” movie celebration at Halls Cinema 7. Among other things, people that attend this event will be able to see the movie’s TEST screening, where the audience can choose between two different endings, can get movie merchandise, participate in a costume contest, receive prizes and watch Child’s Play 2.

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The Hike (2020 Movie) Full Theatrical Trailer

Jellico Discusses Replacing Fire Engine

Jellico City Council held a regular meeting on Thursday night, September 17. The agenda was packed, but the most notable items up for discussion were the recent Fire Vehicle accident and flooding repair for Myrtle Street and North Main Street.

On August 19, a Jellico fire truck crashed into the front of a home on the corner of Huger and Florence street in Jellico.

Mayor Dwight Osborn updated the City Council on the outcome of the recent damages.
“The insurance adjuster has been out and looked at the wrecked fire engine,” Mayor Osborn explained, “They have given us a preliminary figure and that figure has to go up through their loss and prevention department and be approved before it is finalized. We think that it is going to be in the neighborhood of $77,000 to settle on that truck and it is a total loss. They will offer us back salvage on it if we want to buy it back or anything. We need to replace it.”

Mayor Osborn added, “We will have to bid it out whether it is a used truck or new but the first option is, Charlie has offered to sell us this truck [we’ve borrowed] over here and it seems to be a pretty good truck. It is a 2003 Freightliner and he is asking $69,900 for that but like I said, we would still have to bid whatever we need to do on it.”

The City of Jellico was also contacted by the American Emergency Response Training program. The program offered a 2019 demonstrator model fire engine. However, the 2019 model would cost around $240,000/$250,000 and would take at least a year to build, according to Mayor Osborn.

Council member, Stan Marlow, said “I am going to make a motion that we buy the one that we got now.”

All voting yes, the council made a motion and agreed to buy the used truck, which in turn will carry the city through until Jellico can apply for a grant to buy a new fire truck. Mayor Osborn also read Resolution 2020-09-017A, the Accident Policy, for any city employees operating city-owned vehicles.

Mayor Dwight Osborn announced at September’s meeting that he had been in contact with TEMA, FEMA, and Community Partners to work on pre-applications for flooding issues in the City of Jellico.
“Most of you know on Myrtle Street we had some problems down there. We have got some other places in town where there is some flooding on North Main Street and so forth; so, we can do this in phases,” said Osborn “These grants are 90% federal, 5% state, and 5% local. They will come in and do the engineering for it and plan out what we need to do with different grants but we can take care of our storm drains and some of the flooding problem around Myrtle Street and North Main Street – that’s the two big ones that I know of.”

Red Lynch added, “Right there by the Squad building is an issue too.”

Mayor Dwight Osborn said, “ yeah, we can get that too.”

Mayor Dwight Osborn confirmed the City will do the pre-application and once they receive the application approval, they will come back at a later date to discuss further action within a Council meeting.

Mayor Osborn said, “We have some funds through the CARES Act and the State of Tennessee, the money can be used to purchase a digital marquee sign to advertise COVID regulations for Halloween with everyone wearing masks and that sort of thing. Anything that is related to COVID – it can be used for and we need to update that sign so that we can use it for events like that.”
The Mayor also confirmed the sign would be placed where the current sign is, on the side of the Jellico Public Library building.

Vice Mayor Jerry Neal said, “The sign is $2,185 from a company in Knoxville… it is controlled by keyboard so they won’t have to go outside to fix any of it.”

City Recorder, Marsha Bruce, suggested to donate the old sign to Buck’s Hardware, as a memory for the Jellico History Museum.

All voting yes, the council made a motion and agreed to buy the marquee sign for Jellico Public Library.

Vice Mayor Jerry Neal asked, “Are we not going to have a Christmas Parade this year?”
Council member, Suzette Davenport, replied “We haven’t had a meeting, but there is a possibility to still have the Christmas Parade, yes.” Davenport then announced the meeting to discuss the Christmas Parade was set for Thursday, September 24.

Body Found In LaFollette Identified

The body found on the property last week at 206 North 13th Street was positivity identified as Joey Steven Lively age 59. Lively was the owner and resident of the home. A positive ID was made and LaFollette Police officially released the name. No foul play was involved and Lively is believed to have passed of natural causes.

Gibson Found Guilty on Three Counts.

Robbie Scott Gibson of Lafollette was found guilty of three felony crimes, Aggravated Stalking, Possession of a Prohibited Weapon and Aggravated Assault. The trial in the court of Judge E. Shane Sexton lasted two days and was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Jordan W. Howanitz after an investigation by Lafollette and Caryville police departments and Officer Anthony Mahar. Gibson is scheduled to be sentenced on November 2nd, 2020

City of LaFollette Sets Trunk or Treat