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On Saturday April 13th, 2013, professional wrestlers from the Allied Wrestling Federation will hold a special fund raising show with proceeds going to the Roane County Relay For Life. The super show will be held at Roane State Community College Gym in Harriman, Tennessee. Tickets are just $5 for VIPs and $3 for general admission and will be sold at the door starting one hour before doors open. VIPs will be allowed inside the gym at 5:30 pm for a special meet and greet with the wrestlers and first pick of ringside seats. General admission will be allowed in at 6 pm and the show will start at 7 pm at Roane State Community College Gym in Harriman Tennessee. Tickets will be sold at the entrance to Roane State Community College Gym in Harriman starting at 4:30 pm the day of the show.

Scheduled on the super show is the main event that will match up world champion versus world champion in a title unification match. The current SECW Champion Doomsday will challenge AWF Champion Jeff Collett in a AWF Undisputed World Championship match. Collett is a former member of the legendary Midnight Express managed by Jim Cornette. At this show, Collett will be managed by Jon Diamond. This show will be very personal for the SECW Champion Doomsday who resides in Harriman. Doomsday was diagnosed with basil cell skin cancer in 2006 and it mutated into Gorlin Syndrome in 2011. There is no cure for Gorlin Syndrome and the only way to slow the rate of the cancer growth is surgeries. “I became Doomsday as an act of defiance against cancer. I was not going to let it beat me and I won’t. I not only have a opportunity to do something wonderful for those like me who battle cancer every day but I get to do it in the town I live in”, replied Doomsday. Sp far Doomsday has undergone 8 facial surgeries to remove moderate to large cancer growths and had the surgeries during breaks he took from the sport. Doomsday won the 2012 Most Inspirational Pro Wrestler of the Year award for his stand against cancer and he has wrestled in every state in the southeastern United States in his seven years in pro wrestling.

Also on the card is former WCW, ECW, WWE star “The Paradise Rocker” Johnny Meadows. Meadows will be facing Noah Richards in the semi main event of the show. A much anticipated battle for the AWF Tennessee Heavyweight Championship will also be held as The Deathstalker managed by Jon Diamond will defend against Johnny Deacon. Fans will also see a battle royal to determine a number one contender for the AWF Championship. “The Playboy” Johnny Newsome will take on Freakshow in a strap match and “The Arabian Assassin” Toal Altair will come and team up with Racer to take on Gerald Strange and Aaron Lucas in tag team action. Other great matches will be featured. AWF prides itself on presenting a family show and looks forward to assisting the Roane County Relay For Life in raising money to help those with cancer.

Relay For Life is the main volunteer driven fund raising campaign for the American Cancer Society. Although the main objective of Relay is to raise money for cancer research and cancer patients, the event is held to spread cancer awareness, celebrate the lives of survivors, remember those who lost their lives to cancer, and unite a community in the fight against cancer. It is estimated that Relay For Life events have raised over $3 billion to date The American Cancer Society combines an unyielding passion with nearly a century of experience to save lives and end suffering from cancer. As a global grassroots force of more than three million volunteers, they fight for every birthday threatened by every cancer in every community. The American Cancer Society save lives by helping people stay well by preventing cancer or detecting it early; by helping people get well by being there for them during and after a cancer diagnosis; by finding cures through investment in groundbreaking discovery; and by fighting back by rallying lawmakers to pass laws to defeat cancer and by rallying communities worldwide to join the fight. As the nation’s largest non-governmental investor in cancer research, contributing about $3.4 billion, the ACS turn what we know about cancer into what we do. As a result, more than 11 million people in America who have had cancer and countless more who have avoided it will be celebrating birthdays this year

For more information you can call Scott at (865) 201-4166 with AWF or Kayla with Roane County Relay For Life at (865) 556-2568

The Weekend Getaway: The Clinch River

A wonderful weekend getaway, just a stone’s throw from home, is the Clinch River. The cool, clear waters offer some exciting options for the sportsperson: kayaking, canoeing, trout fishing, striper fishing, and some of the most breathtaking scenic views you will ever experience. This is a chance to view nature at its best. There is a little something for everyone, from the water-lover to the hiker.

The Clinch River at sunset at Norris Dam State Park

Norris Dam State Park offers rustic cabins for those desiring overnight stays. There is camping available for RV camping, trailers, and traditional primitive camping is available to scouts and youth groups – by reservations only. There are trails available for hikers, bikers, and horses. Winding trails along the Clinch River offer scenic and peaceful nature experiences, and boast many species of wildlife and plant life in our area. The Norris Dam Marina provides lake access, and offers boat rentals, where fishers may explore Norris Lake to pursue largemouth and smallmouth bass, striper, walleye, and crappie in abundance. The Clinch River itself boasts some of the most impressive brown, brook, and rainbow trout fishing in East Tennessee. The state record brown trout was harvested in the waters of the Clinch River

There are several guide services available, such as CR Outfitters, Ian Rutter, and Mike Bone. These guide services offer both wading and boat trips along the Clinch River. CR Outfitters also offers a wide range of fly-fishing needs at the Fly Shop, located on the Norris Freeway, directly across from the Museum of Appalachia.

Of course, if it is fishing that interests you most, you will need to secure a current TWRA fishing license. Trout fishing requires an additional stamp. Also, when trout fishing on the Clinch, you must observe the slot limits and other regulations as outlined on the TWRA website:

There are also private cabins located along the Clinch River, offering overnight and weekend rentals. The Clinch River area offers a unique geographical experience, rich in diversity and sporting challenges. The next time you find yourself needing a little getaway, pack a picnic and take the family just down the road, or even rent a cabin or go camping. Try out life on the Clinch River, and you will definitely be rewarded.

The Weekend Getaway: Hot Springs Resort & Spa – Hot Springs, NC

Nestled among the majestic Appalachian Mountains along the French Broad River in Western North Carolina is a most relaxing getaway:  Hot Springs Resort & Spa.  Located approximately 30 miles past Newport, TN on Hwy. 25/70E in the town of Hot Springs is a relaxing resort offering natural hot mineral springs.  These waters have long been sought out for their restorative and healing qualities.  The natural hot springs are diverted to provide water for the resort, and guests are actually encouraged to bring containers to fill for the return trips to their homes.  The town of Hot Springs is located along the Appalachian Trail, and hikers will frequently be found in the Spring, Summer, and Fall months.  The town itself boasts trail markers engraved into the sidewalks of the main street, blazing the trail for the Appalachian Trail hikers.

Sign at entrance ot Hot Springs Resort and Spa

This is a town offering not an abundance of fan-fare, but rather a wealth of relaxation and history.  The resort itself is located on the banks of the French Broad River, and boasts a main lodge, a building housing the private suites, a campground for both traditional and RV camping, and cabins.  The private suites (there are four) are quaint, and create an air of romance with their heart-shaped jacuzzi tubs, which are filled with the hot mineral waters of the original spring.  There are also outdoor tubs for the guests to use, for a time-based fee.  The outdoor tubs are open to the public, so this could be easily turned into a day trip for those who cannot stay overnight.  It is a getaway which offers a trip back in time, slowing down the pace and urging the guest to relax and enjoy all the natural beauty of the area.

The resort was, in the early 1900’s during World War I, used as an internment camp for Germans who were passengers on luxury liners docked in New York Harbor when the war broke out.  The original village housing these Germans has long since been gone, having been swept away by a flood in 1916.  Fortunately, no lives were lost.  Many of the Germans returned to the area after the war as a result of the close bonds formed with the townspeople of Hot Springs during their internment there.

At one time, Hot Springs Resort & Spa boasted one of the largest luxury hotels in the country, with the second largest ballroom in the Southeast.  Sadly, a fire destroyed all but the foundation of this beautiful building.  There was also a bath house, which housed sixteen marble tubs filled with the hot mineral waters.  Patients would soak in these tubs, and then walk to another room for massage therapy.  Today, the resort still offers massage treatments.  There is a highly qualified staff offering a wide variety of spa treatments and massage therapies.  Throughout the grounds, you can find a bench upon which you may sit and soak in the beauty of nature, while enjoying the warmth from a fire in one of the many fire pits.  This is also a popular wedding venue, offering a beautiful backdrop for the perfect outdoor ceremony.

The area is simply beautiful, and the history is rich and entertaining.  A walk through town is a leisurely stroll, offering peaceful interaction with the locals and the visitors alike.  The folks at the Smoky Mountain Diner offer home town cooking, with home town hospitality.  The prices are more than reasonable, and the portions plentiful.  If you leave there hungry, it is by your own choice!!  The drive itself from Newport to Hot Springs is a winding course through the mountains, following the river.  Hot Springs does not offer a busy, hectic lifestyle, but rather a step back into a simpler, more relaxed way of life.  The pace here is easy and peaceful, and the time spent in this resort town is a restorative to the soul.

The Weekend Getaway: Cumberland Falls State Park

With budgets stretched beyond endurance, belts being tightened, and wallets clutched in an ever-tightening fist, many people are seeing the vacation as an unrealistic commodity.  There are many interesting and fun vacation destinations which prove to be not only entertaining, but easier on those strained budgets.  Please join us as we travel on less than a tankful to our neighboring state of Kentucky, and share with you the beauty, history, and sheer pleasure of Cumberland Falls State Park.

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In less than two hours travel time, the short trip to Corbin, KY will allow you to step back into a more relaxed atmosphere.  Gone are the hurried frenzies of our daily lives, as the very environment beckons one to slow the pace and enjoy the sheer beauty at hand.  The Cumberland River winds its way slowly through the mountains, making its way to the powerful and majestic Cumberland Falls, also called “The Niagra of the South”.  Not only are these falls located in the Cumberland Falls State Park, but they offer one of the most unique special attractions to be found…..moonbows during the full moon phase.  Also located less than a mile down river from Cumberland Falls are the majestic Eagle Falls.

Cumberland Falls State Park has no admission fee, and offers a wealth of history and enjoyment.  Accommodations include the DuPont Lodge, cabin rentals, RV camping, and traditional camping.  The rates for these amenities are very reasonable, and the service is excellent, while the views are unforgettable.  The cabins are fully furnished, including linens, dishes, and cookware. Most cabins also boast wood burning fireplaces. The DuPont Lodge offers rooms, suites, and hosts the Riverside Café – an excellent and very affordable restaurant overlooking the Cumberland River.  The Lodge also offers a game room, complete with board and card games for guests to check out at no cost.  Once a month, there is a Star Party – free of charge – where guests (and the public) may learn about the constellations and planets, and then view them through the telescope – it is an amazing adventure!!!  There is also a gift shop located near the falls.

Cumberland Falls State Park has something to offer everyone, and is a rich, natural resource which is breathtakingly powerful and beautiful.  Rich in history and majesty, it is a trip worth taking, whether for a single day’s outing, or for a weekend retreat.  Just remember that it is natural environment, and home to black bears, so the hiker or camper will want to familiarize himself with the federal and state regulations for bear spray, etc.

DuPont Lodge

Norris Lake Flotilla is Now Ready to Serve

Members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Norris Lake Flotilla are now prepared to play an active role in promoting boating safety on the lake.

“Our flotilla is now beginning its third year,” reports Flotilla Commander Ernest Cornett of Speedwell. “After a lot of work equipping several boats and a lot of time preparing to take and pass qualification tests, we are ready to fully carry out our mission of promoting boating safety on the lake this summer.”

Boats used by the flotilla must pass a strict inspection and be equipped with a number of required items. These include but are not limited to radio communications equipment, signaling flares, observation binoculars, heavy-duty towing ropes and cleats, throwing lines, fire extinguishers, first aid supplies, search and rescue equipment and special navigation charts.

Two local boats have now met all requirements and are registered as official U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary facilities. These include a 23-foot, open-bow SeaRay owned by Daniel Panzara of Norris Crest and a 20-foot, Odyssey 300 Series pontoon boat owned by Richard Johnson of LaFollette. These two boats will be used by flotilla members to patrol the lake this summer.

Flotilla members participating in lake-patrol operations must be qualified. Members Charles Gladwell of Caryville and Panzara have passed the written exams, oral test and water exercises necessary to qualify as coxswain. Members Bill Smith of Jacksboro and Cornett have passed the written exams, oral test and water exercises to qualify as crewmembers.

These members along with other qualified members from flotillas in the Knoxville area will be patrolling the lake this summer. While on patrol, they will be in radio contact with the U.S. Coast Guard Ohio Valley Headquarters personnel in Kentucky and with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) officers on the lake.

The first official patrol operated by the Norris Lake Flotilla took place on Monday, Nov. 9, 2010. Coxswain Wayne Schnell from Knoxville along with crewmembers Katie Petersen from Knoxville, Cornett and Panzara patrolled the Cove Creek area of Norris Lake in a SeaRay.

While on patrol, they encountered a houseboat in distress on the lake. The engine had stopped operating and the owner did not have the tools necessary to install a needed new spark plug.

Patrol members were able to pick up a friend of the boat owner and bring him back to the houseboat with the required tools. The engine was quickly repaired and the boat was able to return to its marina.

Before departing, though, the boat owner asked why the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary members were on the lake. “We are here to help people like you,” responded Flotilla Commander Cornett.

The Auxiliary is the civilian component of the U.S. Coast Guard, created by an act of Congress in 1939. Members must be at least 17 years old and make a commitment to complete a federal background check and participate in basic boating safety training. Members do not have to own a boat. Members are issued a federal identification card, proudly wear the Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform and are eligible to receive service awards.

If you are interested in providing an important service to your community, enjoy on-the-water activities, seek opportunities for marine training, and would like to meet others with similar interest; please consider joining the Norris Lake Coast Guard Flotilla. For more information, call Public Information Officer Mike McDonough at 423-562-8017.