Jamey Chadwell

Jamey Chadwell is one of the hottest young coaches in football today and he had his beginnings here in East Tennessee. Chadwell was a standout quarterback for the Jacksboro Eagles before going on to further heights as an Anderson County Maverick and ETSU Buccaneer. But his career did not stop there. Though he did not play on the professional level Chadwell took a more important path, he chose to follow in his father Jim’s footsteps and become a coach and mold the next few generations of football players. Jim was a long time football coach at Jacksboro Middle School and Campbell County High School.

Chadwell was last head coach at Charleston Southern University to become Associate Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator at Coastal Carolina. Now he finds himself as the interim Head Coach of the Chanticleers. This transition comes as Joe Moglia, still officially the head coach of Coastal Carolina, takes a leave of absence from the program due to medical reasons. Moglia will miss the entire 2017 season.

This comes as the Chanticleers become a full fledged member of the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivisions’s Sun Belt Conference. The school had been transitioning from the Football Championship Subdivision. The Sun Belt Conference also features schools such as Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, Texas State, and Troy.

Though Chadwell is steering the ship of a college program his legacy is still felt in Anderson County where he left a large legacy. Anderson County High School Athletic Director and Assistant Football Coach Gary Terry speaks glowingly of Chadwell saying, “Jamey is a top-notch human being first and foremost. He cares about everybody from the biggest player on his team to our youth player that he might not even know he treats them all the same. He has great character great morals leads by example on the field and off the field and is truly a great inspiration to our players as they watch him grow in his success each and every day. Having his brother on our staff strengthens our staff every year, as he brings the knowledge from the college level to our coaches and players, as well as how to be a man, which is their slogan at coastal Carolina. We have a big poster in our locker room dedicated to former Mavericks who have gone out and done great things in the world, and he certainly deserving of his poster, as he goes out and leaves it every day.”