The Christian Academy of Campbell County was first established in 1993 as a private, Christian based alternative to public schools. Over the years it has served many families who were looking for a more Christian based education for their children. Now with a new school year approaching a major leadership change is happening at the school. The opening of the school on time or at all is a question weighing heavily on the minds of the parents.

According to e-mails sent to The Volunteer Times the Board of Directors and Administrator have resigned. According to the statement by Ele Childress, the recently resigned Administrator of the school, letters of resignation were received from the six active board members and stated that they had a majority vote to accept the new board members, which were proposed in a previous email. Resigning from the board are Zach Sheets, Terry Childress, Ele Childress, Jeff Mann, and Frederick Foisy. As of this writing General Carl Stiner had not yet submitted his letter of resignation. Ele Childress resigned both as board member and Administrator

The incoming board consists of Tina Morton, Jennifer Wilson, William Wilson, Juli Ault, Eddie Roberts, Georgia Roberts, Allen Greenwod, Ollie Medley, David Wilhoit, and Rose Taylor.

When reached for comment on the matter Interim Board Chair Tina Morton was concerned by cautiously optimistic. She explained that next week the interim board would meet and go over their finances and plans. She did point out that school would not start at the same time as Campbell County schools but also pointed out that as a private school they had some leeway on start of classes. During this meeting they will also put together their ideas to get a cash flow coming into the school and would be looking for a more permanent board as the current board is made up of faculty and parents and was never intended to be the permanent leadership. As a Christian school they will also be looking for a pastor to serve on the board.

The board has also been in touch with former students that may have left the school due to anything that may have concerned the recently resigned board to try to get them enrolled again at the academy. They are also looking to retain the 20 students already enrolled.

On the chance that the school does not open for the 2017-18 school year Morton said she believed that it would not spell the end for the 25 year old institution. She stated that the board was working on a three and five year plan to get things back on track.

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