The Campbell County Commission held yet another Zoom Internet Meeting on Monday evening to address budget amendments discussed in the commission workshop last week. The commission will continue to meet via the electronic meeting application until approval from the state to resume in-person meetings. Of the fifteen commissioners there were thirteen in attendance.

The meeting began with a passing of all notary public applications, previously discussed budget amendments, credit card payments, reports from all of the county organizations. The commission also unanimously voted to sell a piece of equipment from the road department. The county EMS billing contract with EMS/MC passed unanimously
The commission also approved the disposal of dilapidated furniture from the animal shelter in a 13 – Yes, 2 – Absent vote.

The first item that was met with any contention for the evening was the disposal of tires and the question of whether to renew the county’s contract with Kitts Tires. It was discussed that the purchase of a tire grinding machine for $100,000 may be a better long-term financial solution to the county’s tire-disposal needs. Kitts Tires had recently submitted a bid for contract renewal which would double the county’s financial obligation. It was suggested that the purchase of a tire grinder could save the county half a million dollars over a ten year period and that the ground tire pieces could be distributed to the schools for landscaping and playground areas, as well as the landfill. Ultimately the decision was made to renew the contract with Kitts Tires until more information could be gathered on purchasing a tire grinding machine. The vote count on the motion was 8 – Yes, 5 – No, 2 – absent.

The most contentious item on the agenda for the evening came with the approval of an application sent by Mayor E L Morton to the state for a Litter Prevention Program grant. Mayor Morton submitted the application ahead of approval by the commission due to a waiver by the state to require commission approval amidst COVID-19 safety provisions. Morton elected to submit the application without any changes as submitted last fiscal year. This piqued the interest of the commission because last year’s submission included funding for salaries and benefits for program employees. In what was at times a heated discussion, some of the commissioners voiced their concerns with whether or not that was the appropriate course of action. Ultimately the commission voted down the approval of the application as submitted with an 8 – No, 5 – Yes vote and the item was held then held in recess to be discussed further on Thursday.

The commission will meet again Thursday May 21st.