Hank Hamblin, Jerry Partin, Bill Spurlock

Campbell County is split into two Congressional Districts. District 2 is the upper end of the county, mostly the 5th district as far as county elections go. District 3 is the southern majority of the county. This year there will be challengers to the sitting Congressmen in their respective primaries. Both of those men met with their potential constituents at the ever popular Charley’s Pizza to discuss issues with the people.

Hank Hamblin is a well known face in the area and is running for the District 2 seat. Bill Spurlock is a Chattanooga resident who is running for the District 3 seat. Both men are decorated combat veterans. The pair met with a multitude of people and discussed the issues that concerned them the most.

Both men agreed that the opiod crisis was a major issue as it is causing rot in communities across the nation. Both know it is especially bad in Campbell County. Hamblin also discussed how the opiod crisis is directl related to the homeless crisis in Campbell County. Hamblin and his wife were heavily involved with the warming center when it was started as the temperatures dropped this winter. He noted that the center was able to take in people who had drug issues and that some of then had entered rehab due to the outreach the shelter provided.

Spurlock also talked for the need to build up our communities. He spoke of the needs for programs to help bring our communities together as citizens and to help push them away from drugs. More programs for the youth were one thing he discussed but also made it a point to say that programs for adults were needed as well.

Hamblin will be challenging long time Congressman Jimmy Duncan in District 2. Spurlock is challenging Chuck Fleischmann in District 3. If they win the August primary they will move on to the national midterm election in November.