Katie Condry

The Lady Cougars closed the regular season out at home Monday night as they played a game vs Karns that had been canceled earlier in the season due to inclement weather. The game had big repercussions on the line as the winner of the game would host the loser in the opening round of the District Tournament on Monday, October 9th.

The action started out fast for Karns and poorly for the Lady Cougars. Karns was able to press the attack and turned it into an early 2-0 lead. It must have looked like a “here we go again” situation from the point of view of the Cougars. Karns defeated the team 13-1 last season. The defensive side of the field seemed to settle and keeper Aydan Massengill managed to keep the Beavers in check the rest of the half. Cougars senior star Lindsay Horton added a goal before the half and the Lady Cougars trailed 2-1 at the break.

Aydan Massengill

Following a very motivational halftime speech by Coach Bryan Horton and Coach Daniel Lasley, the Lady Cougars came out determined to play better soccer. They once again played great defense vs the Lady Beavers but couldn’t seem to get much going on offense. Samantha Lasley moved around to several position trying to give the Lady Cougars the needed spark to tie the game up. Finally the opportunity came in the 76th minute of play. A Lady Beaver put a hand on the ball inside their own box as the Lady Cougars had been pressing for shots on goal in the final minutes of the game. This afforded Lindsay Horton with the penalty kick. She nailed it into the left side of the net and the score was tied 2-2.

There would be no more scoring before the horn sounded with the game at 2-2. This led to penalty kicks. No kick in soccer is tougher to stop than the penalty kick. It’s the keeper 1 vs 1 with what is usually the best goal scorers the other team has out there. The person kicking the ball knows where they want to go and the keeper doesn’t Massengill once again came up big and managed a few critical saves. This allowed 3 made kicks from Bethany McKamey, Katie Condry and Lindsay Horton to push the Lady Cougars to the 5-4 victory as the darkness descended upon the soccer pitch at CCHS. The win means the Lady Cougars host game 1 of the District Tournament next Monday against these same Karns Lady Beavers.