As July comes to a close and August arrives football teams all across the region strap their pads on to prepare for the upcoming season. The Cougars of Campbell County are no exception. After a series of 7 on 7 events and practicing against one another the Cougars hit the road last Thursday to travel to west Knoxville to do battle with the Spartans of Webb. The Spartans were 11-2 last year and undefeated in district play so they were poised to give the Cougars quite the challenge.

At the end of the day Coach Justin Price seemed happy with how the scrimmage turned out. “Overall it was a good first scrimmage. We were able to identify some areas we need to work on and areas where we were ahead of where we thought. We will continue to evaluate the film and correct the mistakes,” said Price.

On a down note Jacob Greenwood went down to a leg injury in the scrimmage. The receiver looked poised to have a breakout season and was among quarterback Zach Rutherford’s favorite targets in the spring. Greenwood had surgery on Friday to repair the injury and Price said that Greenwood was now recovering at home. Price went on to say that Greenwood had a long process to recovery but that he also has the attitude and determination to do it.