A normal day saw Corporal Gary Jeffers patrolling White Oak when his route took him by Chadwell Cemetery. Jeffers noted a car parked in the back part of the grave yard. Jeffers got out of his patrol car and approached the vehicle. He saw a couple in the car. He began questioning the man, identified as Joshua King, 35 of 822 Coolidge Road in LaFollette. Jeffers noted that king had marks on his arms which are reported as being consistent with needle track marks from injecting drugs. Jeffers also noticed smoke rising from King’s general crotch area and told him that his crotch was on fire. When King jumped out of his sleep and slapped the lit cigarette that was burning him Jeffers observed a hypodermic needle. Jeffers then asked King to exit the vehicle and began a pat down.

A further search of the car found a number of both capped and uncapped hypodermic needles as well as a bag which is believed to contain meth and some empty suboxone packaging. Joshua King then reportedly admitted that he and his girlfriend had been injecting suboxone. His girlfriend was identified as Audrey King, 26 of 109 Pleasant Ridge Road in LaFollette. Both suspects had active warrant and were arrested and booked into the county jail.

Joshua King was charged with hold for another agency, violation of probation from criminal court, possession of schedule II-controlled substance. Joshua King is being held without bail.

Audrey King is charged with violation of probation.