Two weeks ago Campbell County was in the midst of a rapid rise in active Covid-19 cases. Case counts were increasing at 30 to 40 per day and had surpassed over 250 active cases. Campbell County had nearly double the number of active cases than neighboring Anderson County at that time and nearly four times the number of active cases than Scott County which had around 68 active cases.

Now Campbell County is down to 112 known active cases and Anderson County has shot to 330 active cases at this time, and Scott County is up to 170 active cases.

Claiborne County has avoided a major spike and has held around 50 active two weeks ago and 49 active today.

The death toll in Campbell County now stands at 17, with a death happening approximately every 3 days on average since the spike in cases last month. In Anderson County there have been 19 deaths, 9 in Claiborne and only 5 in Scott County.

Scott County will bear monitoring over the coming weeks as the cases from their current spike run their course.

Statewide 1713 people in Tennessee are hospitalized with Covid-19 and with only 191 ICU beds free in the entire state, ICU capacity is at its highest point of the entire pandemic.

With flu season rapidly approaching ICU capacity could quickly be reached soon. The Tennessee Department of Health and the CDC strongly recommend everyone get a flu shot this fall.