On Friday, November 4, 2011, Deputy Josh Vann began the weekend with eight arrests made by his self and the other deputies followed his example. Deputy Vann observed a 2005 Chevrolet fail to signal at Hollifield Drive and River Road. When he stopped the vehicle, Gary R. Norton, of 706 West Walden Street in LaFollette was arrested for Driving While Revoked. The passenger was Eric L. Walden, of 292 Vanover Lane, Jacksboro, and he was arrested for outstanding warrants of Violation of Probation and a Child Support Arrest Warrant.

When Deputy Vann was transporting Walden and Norton to jail he noticed a vehicle along side River Road with a male and female standing around it. He made a mental note to come back and check them out after booking the previous pair into the jail.

After the processing of the first two arrests of the weekend, he returned to the 1990 Jeep Cherokee sitting alongside of River Road in Jacksboro that he passed earlier. The couple was identified as Kenny and Angela Wallace of 326 White Rock Road, Jacksboro. Vann asked them if he could help them and they told him that they were changing a flat tire. Deputy Vann noticed that the vehicle contained no flat tires nor was there a spare one present. Deputy Vann reports that Kenny Wallace became very nervous and started putting his hands in his pockets in an effort to find something. Then the man walked to the back of his vehicle Vann observed a hand rolled cigarette believed to be marijuana on him. At this point the man was arrested and several coffee filters with white powder residue were found on his person along with a set of digital scales. The vehicle contained products used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Since the couple was found outside of the Jeep Deputy Vann called for K-9 Dano. Dano arrived with Sgt. Darrell Mongar and the duo searched for drugs. Dano alerted to a camouflage back pack about 30 feet from the Wallace couple. It contained chemicals and products used in conjunction with the clandestine manufacture of meth. Deputy Vann read Kenny Wallace his Miranda Warning and then told him what was in the back pack to which he replied that he knew what was in it.

The Wallace couple was charged with: Promotion of Meth Manufacture, Felony Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, with Kenny additionally being charged with: Possession of Schedule VI Controlled Substance.