Sunday night as the ten o’clock hour was nearing Deputy Tackett was dispatched to 400 Imperial Heights Road following a disturbance call. 400 Imperial Heights Road is the home of Kenny Bartley. On the way to the home Deputy Tackett spotted Kenneth Bartley walking down the road. Hopson asked Bartley to return to the residence with him. Bartley agreed.

Upon arriving at the residence they were met by Kimberly Houston of Knoxville, Houston is reported to be the girlfriend of the elder Bartley. Houston told Tackett that Kenneth Bartley arrived at his father’s home with a group of people wanting money. Housto. indicated that Kenneth Bartley was told to leave multiple times. According to the report Kenneth Bartley told Houston, “Get out of my face, bitch. I will kill you!” She then reported that Kenneth Bartley picked up a rubber mallet. Houston indicated that she was in fear for her life due to Kenneth Bartley’s past. Houston fled and retrieved a revolver. She claims to have never pointed the gun at Kenneth Bartley and proceeded to tell him to leave, which he did.

Kenneth Bartley was arrested on charges of Aggravated Assault.