Last Saturday night Deputy Cody Douglas was dispatched to Cowan Lane in the Valley region of the county just after 11 PM. Upon arriving he spoke with Brandon Cooper who reported that his neighbor, Travis Walker, had been doing burnouts in the street.

Cooper claims that he confronted Walker about it and that an argument ensued. Cooper claims that Walker went up and down his driveway and that Walker fired a trio of gunshots into an embankment belonging to Walker. Cooper identified the weapon as a black .22 caliber revolver.

Deputy Douglas also interviewed Walker at his home. Walker told Cooper that he had just returned from mudding and that he did indeed do a burnout in his truck in his own driveway. Walker also stated that he and Cooper did indeed have a back and forth argument. Walker further stated that when he heard the gunshots that he ran up his hill and did not see who was shooting.

No firearm was found on Walker’s person or in his vehicle. A .45 caliber handgun was located in another vihicle but it did not show any signs of being recently fired.

There were no injuries or arrests in the incident.