In what was initially reported to be a person barricaded in a home, the Special Weapons and Tactics team was deployed to sweep a home for possible armed occupants in advance of a narcotics raid.

The home in the photo is not the home that was raided, but the suspects were handcuffed and brought to that area from a home up the street.

From the CCSD

On August 14, 2019 investigators with the Campbell County Sheriffs Office were conducting an investigation into complaints received of narcotic trafficking at 167 Beals Ln in The Glade Springs community of Lafollette, TN. During the investigation detectives were given information that weapons were possibly in the residence where narcotics were being sold. Investigators were given consent, by home owners to search the residence.

Due to the unknown number of occupants inside the residence and the possibility that weapons were present, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics team were requested and deployed where they were able to secure the residence safely. Investigators are currently processing the evidence from the residence and suspects are in custody at this time. Further information will be released when it’s available