Recently Deputy Zach Daugherty was dispatched in regards to a man stumbling around the Highway 90 area. Upon his arrival there was no stumbling man to be found but the man who called in the complaint was. The caller told deputy Daugherty that the stumbling man was named Eric King.

As Deputy Daugherty was searching for the stumbling man he received another call, this time a report of a domestic disturbance. As it turned out this call also involved King. King was allegedly outside of a residence on Monday Hollow Road screaming and demanding to be let into the home at 112 Monday Hollow.

When Deputy Daugherty arrived he found King hiding in a storage building. The report states that King had the heavy odor of alcohol about him. As Deputy Daugherty was speaking with King it is reported that King told Daugherty that his father was the Antichrist and that his father was Jesus. When Deputy Daugherty questioned King on what he had been drinking the report states that King said he had consumed some homemade moonshine.

King was arrested on charges of public intoxication and transported to the Campbell County Jail.