Jack Leach

It has been the Year of the Eagle. The football team won the East Tennessee AAA championship. Basketball is in the rise and in the hands of talented coaches. Track has been powerful this year (story on middle school track tomorrow). But it is Eagle Golf that has built a dynasty.

The Eagle Golf team has not lost a match in the last three regular seasons. This season the Eagles finished 17-0. Eagle captain Jack Leach has been 14-3 this year against the area’s top middle school golfers. Lady Eagles captain Sadie Cox has posted an equally impressive 13-1 record.

Now the team is in the post season. They wasted no time and on Tuesday brought home the 2018 District Golf Championship. The road gets no easier for the Eagles as they now move on to the regional tournament. The state tournament is next and even if the Eagles happen not to win the region they can still place individual golfers in the state tournament.

Stay tuned for more on this as the post season sallies forth.