The Eagles battle in the tog of war competition

While many people see this as 7 on 7 time as area teams prepare for the pending football season there is another competition going on as well. Many schools also host a variety of “big man” competitions to give the linemen something to focus on while their counterparts are sharpening their passing and receiving skills.

At Jacksboro Middle School Scott Webb coaches the line and, along with his son Cody, runs the schools “big man” events. Recently the Eagles battled such schools as Norris, Williamsburg, and Concord Christian Academy out of Knoxville in a week of pre season prep work. The line slugged it out in such events as ring of fire, tug of war, tire flipping, and in the weight room.

While all the teams had good showing in these events it was the Eagles who came out on top. In the six years that the Eagles have been hosting 7 on 7 and big man events this was the 5th title for the Eagles.