We must recognize with this or any poll there is nothing that will replace the voting public turnout as polls are not 100% accurate. This is also without question a very small sampling of the voting numbers that will cast a ballot this election with early voting and election day. We will not give all rankings with these results only the top recipients. Again, the Times encourages everyone to vote and understand that every seat is still anyone’s race. Thank you

Campbell County Mayor
Aaron Evans 42%

1st District County Commission-
Robert (Higgy) Higginbotham 26%
Keith W. Goins 17%
Whit Goins 17%

2nd District County Commission
Lisa Stanfield Lester 26%
Scott “Scotty” Kitts 19%
Cliff “Butch” Kohlmeyer 17%

3rd District County Commission
Dewayne Baird 24%
Lawrence (Rusty) Orick 21%
Josh Parks 12%

4th District County Commission
Josh Parker 37%
Johnny “Coach” Bruce 29%
Charles “Goat” Baird 19%

5th District County Commission
Tyler King 34%
Steve “Coach” Rutherford 18%
Ralph Davis 18%

Campbell County Trustee
Monty Bullock 82%

Campbell County Sheriff
Robbie K Goins 66%

Campbell County Circuit Court Clerk
Bobbie Vann 98%

Campbell County Clerk
Todd Nance 59%

Campbell County Register of Deeds
June Turner 26%

1st District School Board
John Minor 42%

2nd District School Board
Josh James 58%

3rd District School Board
Faye Heatherly 52%

4th District School Board
Ronnie Lasley 58%

5th District School Board
Crystal McNealy Creekmore 76%

1st District Constable
Kenneth Newsome 52%

2nd District Constable
Larry R. Ford 52%

3rd District Constable
Johnny E. Jones 100%

4th District Constable
Dewey W. Madison 81%

5th District Constable
Samual (S.L.) Tackett 57%

Thank you for taking the time to view the Volunteer Times Poll Results.