Teachers from across Campbell County participated May 21-22 in a workshop to include problem based learning by using robots to solve everyday problems.
Campbell County schools were awarded to the BOSCH Community fund’s grants for the 2018-2019 school year. The purpose of the grants is to engage stakeholders in understanding STEM and environmental topics. The grants are a charitable effort to make tangible impacts on local BOSCH site communities throughout the United States. Grants are awarded to 501 C3 organizations that offer young people hands on learning experiences in STEM, the environment, or a combination of the two. Campbell County is fortunate to be able to participate in these invitation only grants. Campbell County schools have received two grants from BOSCH; one for $12,898.00 where 14 educators will spend two days at Tremont to learn about project based learning in an environmental setting. A follow on Grant for next year will allow all students to visit Tremont for the environmental experience also. The second Grant will train 27 teachers on developing Project Based Learning for classrooms. This Grant is worth $17,010.00. The Tennessee STEM HUB will provide this two-day training session. These efforts to improve science education in Campbell County are a follow up of 3 summers of training provided by a Math Science Partnership Grant provided in 2017-2019. Contact Gail Stanley gale.stanley@ccpstn.net for more information.