As the Christmas season was reaching its peak Deputy Courtney Charles was dispatched to Little Cove Creek Road on a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival at the scene she made contact with the victim, Etta Mechelle Dolin. Deputy Charles noted that the victim had red marks on her neck. When she questioned the victim she learned that the victim and her husband, Kevin Dolin, had been arguing.

The victim stated that as she was putting her shoes away and hanging up her jacket that Kevin Dolin entered the closet and shut the door. The victim stated she kept trying to move herself away from Kevin Dolin and eventually threw her drink at him in an attempt to get away. The victim went on to state that as she was going up the stairs that Kevin Dolin grabbed her and attempted to pull her down the stairs resulting in the previously observed red marks.

It was at this point that Kevin Dolin’s son, Matthew Dolin came over and joined in. According to the statement Matthew Dolin got in the victim’s face and began pointing and yelling at her to get out of the house. Kevin Dolin the began pushing the victim’s face towards the victim’s son.

Deputy Charles placed both Kevin and Matthew Dolin into custody and transported them to the county jail. They both face charges of Domestic Assault.