After months of life in hiding from authorities former LaFollette Police Department officer Michael Shane Baker has been taken into custody by the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Department. Baker, who was on the TBI’s most wanted list told authorities that he had grown tired of life on the run.

The saga ended with a knock on the door of the residence of Anita Baker, mother of Michael Baker. It was her son coming to tell her he was going to turn himself in. Not long afterwards Captain David Honeycutt of the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Department took Baker into custody. According to the report Baker had spent the last few months living in the wilderness. The ordeal saw Baker gain a beard and lose 40 pounds of weight.

In July Baker was indicted on over 40 counts of child sex crimes. The nature of these crimes was that he had inappropriate sexual contact with an underage girl in the state of Georgia. After an investigation the Georgia Bureau of Investigation contacted the LaFollette Police Department. Baker was fired from the LPD post investigation.

Baker is being held on a $100,000 bond. He will be arraigned on October 29 in Campbell County.