Friends of Campbell County Animals is a 501c Organization: And here is OUR story:
Some kind ladies were already helping the animals of Campbell County, by going to the shelter, taking photos and cross posting them on social media outlets, they were also already helping others pay for spay/neuter services and helping others re home pets they could no longer keep.
In July/August of 2012, these ladies, out of their own pockets, helped to sponsor some of the adoptions from the shelter, and within two months, between the photos on social media, and assistance with the adoption costs, lowered the EU of this shelter by 20%.
By September, they were no longer allowed to take photos, were not allowed to sponsor adoptions, nothing, were told to stop all this activity by the director of the shelter.
These same ladies attended the September County Commission meeting and were told: In order to make photos, you are going to need to get a 501c status and insurance, once you do that, you will be allowed to take all the photos you want!
After several informal meetings, and research as to what would be needed to organize into a 501c and the cost, we discussed the issue of the cost, which was considerable, just to take photos? If we are going to organize and have to spend this considerable amount of money for the 501c application, and the liability insurance to cover the group, we need to do more than just take photos! That was when we approached the commissioners, again, wanting to arrange rescue, etc, to save as many animals as humanly possible! And again, the commission appeared to be in full agreement to this concept and the ideals associated with it.
In October 2012, these same ladies, now with several other ladies and men asking to be included, formed the organization known as Friends of Campbell County Animals, we applied for our 501c and received it in January 2013, and promptly obtained the required liability insurance for the group.
Again, these ladies approached the County Commission, informing them that all the requirements they had asked for had been met!
And, again, these ladies were denied what they were promised if the group was formed and fully documented in the requirements.
These ladies are all professional people, educators, business owners, etc, all are kind people, and do NOT condone the use of violence, never have, never will. They support more non profit organizations as a group and as individuals, such as cancer research, children’s services, St. Judes, church youth groups, the list is long!
Our goals, as Friends of Campbell County Animals, has been and will continue to be, to help the animals of our County, in and out of the shelter, with our programs. We apply for grants, and use them for spay/neuter services, we have NO paid positions, every dime we get is used for transport, medical supplies, vetting, food, etc, all funding is used 100% in helping these animals have the chance for a safe, loving life.
And again, our members do NOT CONDONE the use of violence nor the use of “death” threats against anyone!