“The 2020 Campbell County Christmas Parade has now been cancelled.

We want to first be very clear about the statement we are about to make in regards to the Christmas parade this year before any comments are posted. The committee is a team of six that for over a decade has given you an annual celebration that is unmatched and continues to improve and grow.

Tragically, one of our parade committee members just two short weeks ago buried her son after losing his battle with Covid. Another member of our team has a grandfather currently on a ventilator fighting for his life against the same. Many in the community know someone that has had or is currently battling this on a severe level. A surge is upon our county and currently we felt after learning of the recent outbreak it would be very irresponsible for us to ask people to gather. Coming together as in building floats, decorating cars, the lineup or even viewing the parade from the sidewalk without realizing somehow there will still be exposures and the numbers could began to multiply.

According to the regional health department that represents 17 counties surrounding Knoxville, Campbell County currently is number two for a rise in cases. This decision was not made until after we released plans to go through with the parade but then learned of the recent outbreak. Any money that has been sent in will be returned within a number of days. No checks have been deposited. The City Council minutes ago approved the decision to cancel the parade due to safety concerns. Please know this is NOT something we wanted to do but felt we must. No one is happy or celebrating this. It is what it is, let’s just get through 2020 already. Thank you in advance for understanding and know this virus has hit this committee personally and hard. Some have paid the highest price so watch the comments… We will return next year bigger and better. God bless!”