Last week Deputy David Wormsley was dispatched to the Clover Street area of LaFollette as there were reports of a female standing outside yelling for help. When Deputy Wormsley arrived on scene and spoke to the victim he learned that she had been involved in a verbal altercation concerning the alleged attacker’s girlfriend.

The victim stated that her son took her phone so she could not call for help and shoved her against a wall stating that if she was not quiet he would hurt her. she stated that she got away and began yelling for help and that is when a neighbor called 911.

The defendant had fled the scene and was found on a nearby porch swing.

He was arrested and identified as 41 year old Norman Hawkins, 41 of 316 West Chestnut Street in LaFollette. He was booked on a charge of domestic assault. This is his 14th booking in the Campbell County Jail.