Dallas Anna Chain Perkins, age 25 of Jellico, was indicted for kidnapping by a federal grand jury in London, Kentucky. The indictment stems from events in 2018 where Perkins and a trio of Corbin residents ( Douglas M. Edmonson, 36, Bryanna Soper, 25, and Erik Peace, 32) used an unidentified Facebook account to lure their victim out and assault her. According to reports the quartet transported the victim across state lines during the course of the kidnapping and held her against her will into the next day. The report goes on to state that the purpose of this was to gain some measure of revenge over the suspected theft of an unknown quantity accused her of stealing the methaf methamphetamine.

The investigation started in August of 2018 when the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Whitley County, Kentucky Police investigated a death and a pair of homemade pipe bombs. The body of a 19 year old man was discovered and according to witnesses was last in the company of Perkins, Edmondson, Peace, and Soper. When interviews about the death began one of the people interviewed was the victim of the kidnapping.

According to the victim Edmondson accused her of stealing the methamphetamine. Edmondson is then reported to have messaged the victim through another person wanting to by the methamphetamine. The victim agreed to meet the person in Newcomb. The victim goes on to say that she was met by Edmondson, who brandished a firearm, and that Perkins and Soper forced the victim into the vehicle. In the report the victim alleges that she was blindfolded and then taken to an unknown at the time residence and bound with rope to a chair. She then said that Perkins, Edmondson, Soper, and Peace snorted methamphetamine off of her leg. The victim also stated that she was told that she was going to die and that she overheard conversations about how they planned to dispose of her body.

Their court dates have yet to be scheduled. Each faces up to life in prison if convicted, according to a press release from the United States Attorney’s Office and court documents.

The investigation was conducted by the ATF London Office, the Kentucky State Police, and Williamsburg Police Department. The United States is represented by Assistant United States Attorney Jenna E. Reed.