Judge Shayne has a passion for helping people pick their lives up and getting them off of drugs. In 2005 he started the county’s Drug Court program. His goal was to break the cycle of recidivism that he was seeing with the same people coming in front of him on similar drug charges. Sexton new the old system was not working so he went the route of a recovery court program.

He is now being recognized by his peers for his efforts. Last week Sexton and Judge Bratten Cook both received the 2018 Making a Difference Award at the Tennessee Association of Recovery Court Professionals’ 14th Annual Recovery Court Conference, held recently in Murfreesboro.

Sexton was recognized for making real differences in his participants lives because he takes a personal interest in their general well being and works to inspire them to do better in life.

Judge Sexton has been the Criminal Court judge in the 8th Judicial District since 1998.