Deputy Justin Crabtree had an interesting time on Gamble Lane on June 17th. In the early part of the evening he was dispatched there on reports that an unknown man was outside of a residence, the man ran away before he coiuld be questioned. Later he went back on a report that there were noises coming from the area. It was then that he heard a female screaming for help nearby,

The female stated that there was someone under her house. When Deputy Crabtree entered the garage of the residence he observed a man crawling under the house. The man came out the other side through the crawlspace but was apprehended by Deputy Crabtree before he was able to flee. The man, identified as Lowell Wayne Ladd, claimed he was fleeing from a pair of men.

Ladd, 37 of 153 Chapel View Drive in LaFollette, was arrested and booked into the Cmapbell County Jail on charges of Aggravated Burlary and was also held for another agency. Ladd has been booked into the Campbell County Jail 27 times