The meeting was called to order by Mayor Stanfield, followed by the roll call and the approval of last month’s minutes.

A parcel of property that has been up for debate in previous meetings that is located on Tennessee Avenue was brought up for discussion. City attorney Reid Troutman stated that the previous owner said that they will sign the deed over to the new owner. This will not have to be taken to court at all and will actually speed up the demolition of the building.

Ordinances & Resolutions that were passed were Resolution 2020-03- Resolution to apply for the Community Development Block Grant funds in the amount not to exceed $600,000.00 plus any eligible Three-Star bonus allowance, for the Sewer System Improvements Project. This is through the Electric Department.

There was a Comcast representative present to discuss the new local franchise agreement between Comcast and the City of LaFollette. The city was presented with 3 different agreements. The options are the contract that the city currently has, a new contract, or the contract that is currently used at the state level. The representative also stated that the reason the local Comcast office was relocated to Oak Ridge was a restructure in the company to consolidate some of its assets. The City Council will be getting more information from Comcast to help better the understand all of the agreements. She also pointed out that any person that is currently under any kind of Government assistance can get internet for a very low rate if they contact Comcast.

The approval of an additional twenty five thousand dollars from the LaFollette E911 District to increase the total reimbursement to the city for Dispatcher salaries from $101,000.00 to $126,000.00. This motion carried.

The Council also approved The Lions Club Carnival for May 4-10.

The LaFollette Police Department needed approval to apply for COPS grant and to apply for a no match Opioid Grant. The Cops grant will be for thirty thousand dollars for one officer.