The Volunteer Times was able to speak with Supervisor Special Agent SSA Andy Crabtree who informed the Times that they are conducting a federal search warrant which involves the FBI, DEA, TBI, HHS and IRS Criminal Investigation Division and the THP. Riggs Drug downtown is expected to be back open later today. The Times also obtained information that the above listed agencies are conducting court authorized activities on multiple pharmacies in 2 different counties in East Tennessee. They cannot release information at this time as to the details of the warrant or any ongoing investigations.

According to reports coming in to the Times Riggs Drug in Downtown LaFollette is closed at this hour. One reader reported going there only to be told by a member of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and told the store was currently closed.

It is unknown at this time if this is related to the 2016 incident where the DEA went in and left with several boxes of paperwork.

More details as they become available.