Multiple people, including LaFollette Vice Mayor Joe Bolinger,have been linked to an ongoing multi agency investigation for EBT fraud. The Pop Shop on Jacksboro Pike in LaFollette is front and center in this event. For the last three months an undercover investigation has been ongoing, where people were sent to purchase items, primarily soft drinks, on EBT cards to be resold for cash at the Pop Shop. In addition to the EBT fraud it is reported that narcotics have also been purchased there as well.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the 8th District Judicial Drug Task Force joined the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department a bit before noon to execute a search warrant at the Pop Shop. Officers spent over an hour removing the inventory from the store to be placed in evidence in the case.

According to the reports Jimmy Ivey, owner of the Pop Shop and Jennifer Brown, an employee of the Pop Shop are facing indictments. Reports also indicate Bolinger, who in addition to being Vice Mayor of LaFollette is also water plant manager for the LaFollette Utility Board, is involved and facing indictment as well.

So far no arrests have been made in the raid.