On Saturday evening Deputy Joshua Jeffers was dispatched to Lake SHore Lane in LaFollette in response to a possible unwanted subject at a residence. When he arrived he spoke with Mark Housley, Christie Leach, and Lacie Poteet.

Housley stated that he and Leach had been dating but had broken up and had started arguing hours before the call to 911 was placed. Housley told Deputy Jeffers that Leach had went outside and pulled down one of the phones he was using as a surveillance camera. Housley went on to say he went outside, grabbed the phone, and went inside through the back door. He also locked the doors due to the fact that he and leach had been arguing.

Housley then reported that Leach started beating on the door and even busted out a kitchen window. He went on to tell the Deputy that Leach crawled through the broken window and ran down the hallway trying to get to Poteet. Leach was accusing Housley of cheating on her with Poteet according to the victim’s statement. Housley said that he stepped into Poteet’s bedroom door to try to keep Leach away from Poteet. He also said that Leach began hitting him with a flashlight and caused a cut near his left ear.

Leach claimed that Housley had been beating her all day and that he gave her meth, thus causing her to relapse. Leach claimed that Housley came outside while she was taking down the phone and began beating her, slamming her head against the kitchen window, cracking it in several places. She stated that after Housley locked her our that she finished breaking the window with a tiki torch because she wanted her phone back.

The video surveillance footage revealed that Housley had been chased around the house by Leach until he went inside. It then showed Leach beating on the door with her hands and feet though she was unable to enter. It then showed her pick up a metal chair attempting to bust open the window until she eventually busted it with the tiki torch. A camera in the residence showed Leach run down the hallway where Housley was on the phone with 911. The dim lighting did not provide a clear view of the altercation.

Deputy Jeffers determined that Leach was the primary aggressor in the incident. He placed her under arrest and transported her to the Campbell County Jail. She is charged with Domestic Assault. This is her 14th booking in the county jail.