On January 04, 2021, Lieutenant Travis Bostic was dispatched to the report of an unresponsive driver parked in the roadway of Lakeshore Lane in the College Hill area of Lafollette. Lt. Bostic located the driver, identified as Christie Leach, slumped over the steering wheel of a Ford F150 in the roadway with the keys in the ignition in the run position. Lt. Bostic had prior knowledge and confirmed with Campbell County 911 that Ms. Leach had a revoked driver’s license. Lt. Bostic secured the vehicle keys and attempted to awaken Ms. Leach. After multiple attempts, Ms. Leach responded but appeared to be lethargic. Lt. Bostic noticed a hypodermic needle in behind the driver’s seat and asked Ms. Leach to exit the vehicle. Ms. Leach refused medical treatment and was taken into custody. Ms. Leach was transported to the Campbell County Jail by Deputy Dusty Davis and Ms. Leach advised she had no illegal items on her person. During a routine search during the booking process, corrections staff observed what is believed to be Schedule III controlled substances hidden on Ms. Leach’s person. Upon observing the substance, Ms. Leach quickly grabbed and consumed the substance by placing it in her mouth and swallowing it. Ms. Leach later informed Lt. Bostic the substance was Subutex that she forgot about it until being searched. Ms. Leach was released on January 08, 2021 but is due on court on January 12, 2021 to answer to charges of No Driver’s License, Parking in a Prohibited Area, Possession of Schedule III Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Introduction of Contraband Into a Penal Facility, and Destruction of Evidence.

Ms. Leach was most recently in Campbell County Jail on 12/31/2020 after being arrested on outstanding warrants in Anderson County. Ms. Leach has been booked into the Campbell County Jail 16 times for multiple charges.