Safety Patrol is on patrol at LaFollette Elementary School. This moring Campbell County Sheriff Robbie K. Goins administered the oath of office in a swearing ceremony to put LaFollette Elementary Schools Safety Patrol on duty and to work. Safety Patrol is a AAA program that has been implemented by Principal Bob Walden where students help set a positive example to other students by teaching others about traffic safety while serving as role models. The patrol members complete training in traffic safety, protext students from hazards along crossings and highways, assist bus drivers in safe transportation, teach fellow students about traffic safety and serve in other leadership roles under the direction of school officials. SRO Deputy Shaneil Ayers will serve as the Safety Patrol Advisor.

Campbell County Sheriff Robbie K. Goins said, “I am proud to swear in these fine, dedicated new safety patrol members. This program is a great example of great leadership within the system. We will continue to work with the school system and board of education in any activity that requires the furtherance of a childs safety, education and involvement. We are proud to be a part.”